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kate bensoN

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Kate Benson
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Kate brings more than 20 years of combined industry expertise and executive search experience.  On the industry side, Kate started in retail and home furnishings before joining YSL Parfums. Her search career began at Rene Plessner Associates. She later worked at Herbert Mines Associates and she was a founding member of Martens & Heads!.


Kate’s passion for beauty is obvious, however, her deep knowledge of consumer businesses extends to fashion and retail.  Her excitement for helping “challenger” brands transform the hyper-competitive cosmetic landscape works in tandem with her desire to help large, established fashion and beauty brands stay relevant by consistently introducing fresh talent.


Kate’s ability to partner equally, with emerging and established brands, paired with her understanding of HR (she has her Master’s Degree in HR Management), has made her a trusted advisor to CEOs, Brand and HR leaders. 


Born: New York, NY

Passions: Family, Travel, Cooking, Fitness, Animals

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